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Hilfe / FAQ


Error Messages in the Webplayer

Error loading player: No playable sources found

Your playlist was loaded and parsed correctly, but the player could not find any acceptable media sources in your feed. This probably means your playlist did not contain media in one of the Supported Media Formats.

Cannot load M3U8: 404 Not Found or Cannot load M3U8: No levels to play

The Livestream is not on Air. Reload the Page in any Minutes

The live stream is either down or has ended.

The Livestream has normally endet. If you think the Livetsream was interrupted, please reload the Page or switch to another Datacenter.

Controls "Switch Player" and "Switch Datacenter" below the Player

If there is any Problem with the Livestream on your Device, you can switch the Player or the Datacenter any Time. It could help to fix playback problems.

You have not found an answer and further questions? Write us an Email to support@sprade.tv !